Expression of the acy-1 cDNA in either the muscle or the nervous system partially rescues the larval arrest of acy-1 null mutants

GenotypeTissue specificity
 of transgeneDosageaFraction reaching
 adulthoodb% reaching
 adulthoodNo. of days
acy-1(pk1279)No transgene NA 0/24 025
acy-1(pk1279); ceEx108 [myo-3::acy-1(+)]Muscle Low20/3754 5
acy-1(pk1279); ceEx67 [myo-3::acy-1(+)]Muscle High 47/10147 5
acy-1(pk1279); ceEx87 [myo-3::acy-1(gf)]Muscle High55/8267 5
acy-1(pk1279); ceEx97 [rab-3::acy-1(+)]Nervous system High11/3333 5
acy-1(pk1279); ceEx98 [rab-3::acy-1(gf)]Nervous system High 6/64 9.4 7
  • a Low dosage represents an injection concentration of 5 ng/μl; high dosage represents 15 ng/μl for myo-3-driven expression, 50 ng/μl for rab-3-driven expression of the wild-type acy-1 cDNA, and 15 ng/μl for rab-3-driven expression of the gain-of-function acy-1 cDNA.

  • b This is the fraction of animals with uniform expression of the cotransformation GFP marker (either myo-3::GFP or rab-3::GFP, depending on the experiment) that reach adulthood. Denominator equals sample size.