SNPs used to fine map synaptic signaling network mutations

 positionaClone location
 on cloneMethod of IDbEnzymeN2 products
 products (bp)
IceP27−21.50ZC123-21628 Snip-SNPSspI347195/152
IceP28−17.64Y48G8AR-11223 Snip-SNPApoI306193/113
IceP32−19.96C45G6-19957 Snip-SNPBsiEI329188/141
IceP75−13.85Y71G12B-85969 Snip-SNPBsaHI735446/289
IceP76−12.50Y71G12A-29112 Snip-SNPSspI597374/223
IIIceP35−3.44F25F2-15611 Snip-SNPDdeI394231/163
IIIceP39−2.14Y54H5A-20087 Snip-SNPTspRI350220/130
IIIceP42−2.56F26A1-7094 Seq-SNPNANANA
XceP34−3.93Y23B4A-12491 Snip-SNPHpy188I370232/138
XceP43−3.32T13C5-12745 Snip-SNPRsaI355239/116
XceP45−3.77F22F4-6421 Seq-SNPNANANA
  • a Extrapolated genetic position as given by WormBase Freeze WS100 (

  • b Snip-SNP, a SNP identified by restriction digest; Seq-SNP, a SNP identified by sequencing.

  • Listed are the SNP markers used to fine map the mutations described in Figure 2 of this article. SNP assays were designed as described above in the supplemental SNP mapping protocol at, using data derived from Wicks et al. (2001) and the C. elegans SNP website ( The unique allele numbers assigned to each SNP used in this article are not meant to be official names of these SNPs, since they were all previously discovered (Wicks et al. 2001) and may now have other names.