Plasmids used in this study

pBluescript KSCloning vectorInvitrogen (NV Leek,
   The Netherlands)
pCMB17apxalcA(p)::eGFP, pyr4; for N-terminal fusion of GFP to genes
   of interestV. Efimov (Piscataway, NJ)
pCR2.1Cloning vectorInvitrogen (NV Leek,
   The Netherlands)
pJH19gpd(p)::dsRedT4-stuA-NLS, argB; for in vivo staining of nucleiToews et al. (2004)
pHWargB from pDC1 in pBluescript KSH. Wei (Marburg, Germany)
pNRSte1pyr4 amplified from pRG1 and cloned into pCR2.1N. Requena (Marburg, Germany)
pDC1A. nidulans argB selectable marker plasmidAramayo et al. (1989)
pRG1N. crassa pyr-4 selectable marker plasmidWaring et al. (1989)
pMS51PCR (Expand)-amplified rosA with XhoI sites in pCR2.1M. Scherer (Marburg, Germany)
Mut(p)-GFPMutanase promoter fused to sGFPWei et al. (2001)
42D6Cosmid containing rosA (PUI gene bank)This study
pKV8alcA(p) in BamHI, argB in NotI in pBluescript KSThis study
pKV12rosA from pMS51 in XhoI in pKV8, overexpression constructThis study
pKV15KpnI/XbaI-subclone of rosA from cosmid 42D6This study
pKV18argB from pHW in BamHI/EcoRI in pKV15, rosA KO-constructThis study
pKV48∼1-kb rosA fragment (aa 1–294) in pCMB17apx in AscI/PacIThis study
pKV50rosA full-length ORF (aa 1–713) in pCMB17apx in AscI/PacIThis study
pKV57rosA truncated ORF (aa 1–642) in pCMB17apx in AscI/PacIThis study
pKV58rosA truncated ORF (aa 1–449) in pCMB17apx in AscI/PacI
   (pKV50 BglII cut, religated)This study
pKV60rosA DNA-binding site + NLS (aa 1–80) in pCMB17apx
   in AscI/PacIThis study
pMut-p-gfpmutA promoter fused with sGFP in pBluescript KS−Wei et al. (2001)
pYU8Dominant-active fadA-alleleYu et al. (1996)
pKV72eGFP::stuA(NLS)-rosA294-449 in pCMB17apxThis study
pKV71eGFP::stuA(NLS) in pCMB17apxThis study