A. nidulans and E. coli strains used in this study

FGSC26biA1; veA1Fungal Genetics Stock Center (Kansas City)
WIM126pabaA1, yA2; veA+Champe and Simon (1992)
SRF200pyrG89; ΔargB::trpCΔB; pyroA4; veA1Karos and Fischer (1999)
RMS011pabaA1, yA2; ΔargB::trpCΔB; veA1Stringer et al. (1991)
SKV6RMS011 transformed with pKV12; yA2, pabaA1; veA1; alcA(p)::rosAThis study
SKV8SRF200 transformed with pKV18; pyrG89; pyroA4, veA1; ΔrosA::argBThis study
SKV12Cross between SKV8 × RMS011, veA1; ΔrosA::argBThis study
SKV29Cross between WIM126 and SRF200; strain selected with no marker,
   only veA1This study
SKV30SKV8 cotransformed with Mut(p)-GFP and pRG1 pyroA4, veA1;
   ΔrosA::argB; mutA(p)::sGFPThis study
SKV103Cross between SRF200 × WIM126, progeny strain pyrG89; pyroA4, veA+This study
SKVw3Cross between SKV8 × WIM126; ΔrosA::argB; veA+This study
SKV48SRF200 transformed with pKV72; ΔargB::trpCΔB; pyroA4, veA1;
   alcA(p)::GFP::stuA(NLS)-rosA294-449This study
SKV47SRF200 transformed with pKV71; ΔargB::trpCΔB; pyroA4, veA1;
   alcA(p)::GFP::stuA(NLS)This study