Dominance deviations in self-seed set QTL

Self-seed set (SSS) QTLLH/LH
 phenotype (seeds)LH/LE
 phenotype (seeds)LH/LE
 deviation (seeds)Gene action
Independent loci
   sss1.2 6.07 32.9628.57 4.39(Additive)
 sss4.120.11 30.2835.59 −5.31(Additive)
 sss4.211.38 27.3731.22 −3.85(Additive)
 sss5.1 9.00 65.5030.0335.47aRecessive/overdominant
 sss8.110.39 47.3330.7316.61aRecessive
Nonindependent loci
   sss1.1 9.19 38.9430.13 8.81aRecessive
 sss2.114.33 53.9432.7021.25aRecessive/overdominant
 sss7.114.00 35.8332.53 3.30(Additive)
  • a Significant deviation from the midparent expectation; positive values indicate that LH/LE heterozygotes produce more seed than expected.

  • Phenotypes are calculated as means of all NILs contributing to each QTL. Dominance deviation describes the difference between the observed LH/LE phenotypes (SSC) and expected phenotype based on midparent value between the observed LH/LH and LE/LE homozygous seed set.