The number of differentially expressed genes detected between Ws and athd1-t1 lines using microarray data that are analyzed using a linear model and a false-discovery-rate multiple comparison correction

FDR (α = 0.05)
Microarray experimentCommon variancePer-gene varianceSharedaPer-gene variance with a
 fold cut (±1.25)b
Leaves (Ws vs. athd1-t1)47727892601753
Flower buds (Ws vs. athd1-t1)3592010 871263
  • a Shared sets of genes the expression level differences of which were found to be statistically significant using both common variance and per-gene variance.

  • b The number of differentially expressed genes using an arbitrarily cut fold change (±1.25) from genes selected on the basis of per-gene variance.

  • FDR, false discovery rate.