QTL studies considered

QTL studiesParentsNo. of
 populationNo. of
 environmentsType of
 sizeTraitsMethods usedReference
AblerB73, Mo17, Oh43,
   Tx303 and T23261  F2 504
 (per population)SDANOVAAbler et al. (1991)
AustinMo17 × H9911  F6:7 147SD, DPS, and
   HTANOVAAustin and Lee (1996)
BeavisB73 × Mo1711  F2:3 112SDunknownBeavis et al. (1994)
BlancDE, F283, F810,
   F900561  F2 150
 (per population)SD and DPSInterval mappingBlanc et al. (2003)
Bohn1D06 × D40811  F2 226DPSInterval mappingBohn et al. (2000)
Bohn2CML131 × CML6711  F2 215HTInterval mappingBohn et al. (1996)
BouchezF2 × MBS84711  BC3S1 217SDInterval mappingBouchez et al. (2002)
CardinalB73 × B5212  RIL 200DPS, HTInterval mappingCardinal et al. (2001)
CharcossetF2 × F25211  F5 129SDANOVAL. Moreau and
   A. Charcosset
   (unpublished data)
GrohCML131 × CML6711  RIL 166HTInterval mappingGroh et al. (1998)
KoesterNC264 × SC7621  F2 350DPS, HT, and
   NFANOVAKoester et al. (1993)
B73G × B73 260
LubberstedtKW1265 × D14612  F2:3 380HTInterval mappingbberstedt et al. (1997)
MechinF2 × MBS84711  F5 100SD and HTInterval mappingMechin et al. (2001)
MoreauF2 × F25211  F3 300SDInterval mappingMoreau (1998)
PioneerUnknown11  F4:5 976HTInterval mapping(
PoupardF2 × MBS84711  F6  86SDInterval mappingB. Poupard, L. Moreau
   and A. Charcosset
   (unpublished data)
RagotMo17 × tropical11  F2 387DPS, HT, and
   NFANOVARagot et al. (1995)
Rebaï2 European Flints,
   2 American
   (Unknown)1a4 + mean  F2:31200SDInterval mappingRebaï et al. (1997)
RibautTropical maize13  F2 272SD and DPSANOVARibaut et al. (1996)
StuberMo17 × B7321  BC 264DPS and HTInterval mappingStuber et al. (1992)
VeldboomMo17 × H9911  F2 150DPS and HTANOVAVeldboom and Lee (1996)
VladutuE20 × N2811  F2  88DPS, HT, and
   NFInterval mappingVladutu et al. (1999)
  • a Global analysis of a multiparental design.

  • RIL, recombinant inbred line.