GS insertion lines with high-ovulation phenotype

GS linesGenes nearby
 insertionaInsertion sitebGene product/protein domainc
Cloned genes
1093 norpA+2835 (intron)Phospholipase C
1116 br+13050 (intron)BTB-zinc-finger transcription factor
2133 grp+4129 (intron)Protein serine/threonine kinase
3080 sra+2668 (intron)DSCR1 homolog
3168 sra+2675 (intron)DSCR1 homolog
Predicted genes
1061 CG11700+1370 (downstream)Ubiquitin-like domain
2143 CG4612−72 (upstream)RNA-binding domain
 CG30169−78 (upstream)Unknown
3132 CG3961−428 (upstream)Firefly luciferase-like domain
  • a Nearest genes or flanking genes within 500 bp of the insertion sites were indicated.

  • b The 5′-most end of mRNA was defined as +1.

  • c FlyBase (