Suppression of heat-shock-activated Gαq cDNA (syIs38)

Time after heat-shock treatment
Strainan2 hr3 hr5 hrNext day
syIs3812Uncb (11)Unc (12)Unc (12)Dead (12)
hsf-1(sy441); syIs3813Unc (1)Normal (13)Normal (13)Normal movement, fertile (13)
cyl-1(sy434); syIs3816Unc (1)Unc (7)Unc (12)Dead (16)
sup-45(sy509); syIs3810Unc (3)Unc (4)Transient Unc (7)Normal movement, sterile (10)
  • a All strains contained dpy-20(e1282).

  • b syIs38 heat-shocked animals move with abnormally deep flexions and a curly posture, abbreviated as Unc (uncoordinated).

  • The number in parentheses indicates the number of animals observed with the phenotype listed.