Probability of obtaining the observed or lower values of FST under the background selection model

k = 100k = 500
Population 1Population 2Region of
 comparisonR = 0R = 0.1R = 0R = 0.1
KATH  MAN  N-N0.0680.0570.0700.032
KATH  BBS  N-N0.0390.0270.0390.012
KATH  KMJ  N-N0.0800.0770.0800.078
MAN  BBS  N-N0.0250.0290.0250.005
MAN  KMJ  N-N0.0510.0350.0500.019
KATH  BOG  N-S0.5220.5360.5250.556
MAN  DAR  N-S0.4560.4580.4610.437
BBS  DAR  N-S0.5160.4980.5090.473
BBS  BOG  N-S0.7470.7660.7370.770
KMJ  KK  N-S0.3420.3220.3320.299
DAR  BOG  S-S0.1070.0740.1070.030
DAR  CEB  S-S0.0480.0340.0450.017
DAR  KK  S-S0.0650.0460.0650.019
BOG  CEB  S-S0.0560.0380.0570.013
BOG  KK  S-S0.0640.0390.0690.012
  • Significant comparisons are shown in italics. N, North; S, South.