Association statistics for common amino acid polymorphic sites

Heart rateHeart rate variability
SiteAmino acidt-testGG × SG × PG × S × Pt-testGG × SG × PG × S × P
 C153318TG S0.
 C153320TR H0.
 C157121TV I0.470.310.050.130.510.710.730.461.400.46
 C219249AD E0.
 T219352AS T0.831.220.960.040.410.971.310.330.360.91
 C219368AP Q0.360.070.080.810.
 T219383CV A0.550.510.580.460.310.570.790.030.380.22
 T219532AS T0.280.390.850.241.530.370.570.070.731.58
 C219608TA V0.410.711.270.190.730.350.590.190.641.07
 C219690AQ H0.000.110.420.
 C237412AL M0.670.400.150.180.560.100.320.000.030.02
 A246559GT A0.
 T246665AV E0.500.180.640.620.060.640.430.120.720.19
 C246716TT M1.541.150.680.410.550.780.580.570.130.13
 C246719GT R0.340.550.590.630.560.
  • Each value represents the negative logarithm of the P-value (NLP) associated with either a simple t-test (disregarding sex and population) or the F-ratios for genotype, and the genotype interaction terms with sex and population. Only four tests (indicated by italics) exceed the testwise threshold of P < 0.05 (NLP > 1.3), but none of these are significant experimentwise. Site numbers correspond to GenBank scaffold file AE003797.