Some estimates of haploid mutation rates and effects of mutations from previous MA experiments

D. melanogaster Viability0.350.027Mukai (1964)
 Viability0.470.023Mukai et al. (1972)
 Viability0.140.03 Ohnishi (1977)
 Viability0.020.1 Garcia-Dorado et al. (1999)
 Viability0.0520.11 Fry et al. (1999)
A. thaliana LRS0.050.23 Schultz et al. (1999)
 Fruit no.0.060.06aShaw et al. (2002)
C. elegans r0.00350.1 Keightley and Caballero (1997)
 r0.0080.2 Vassilieva and Lynch (1999)
S. cerevisiae MGR0.0000630.061aS. B. Joseph and D. W. Hall (this study)
 r0.00110.086bWloch et al. (2001)
 r0.0000480.217aZeyl and DeVisser (2001)
 r0–0.049a,cZeyl and DeVisser (2001)
E. coli r0.000170.012bKibota and Lynch (1996)
  • a Mean effect in heterozygotes.

  • b Mean effect in haploids.

  • c Data from a mutator line.

  • The effect of mutations is measured in homozygotes, except where noted. LRS, lifetime reproductive success; MGR, maximum growth rate; r, growth rate. Modified from Bataillon (2000).