Analysis of chromatid interference at the URA3-LYS2-HIS3 interval

No. of double-crossover tetrads involving
Relevant genotypeTwo strandsThree strandsFour strandsP-value
Wild type1382871140.11
mms4Δ 16 25 190.37
mlh1Δ 30 55 260.86
msh5Δ 17 24 160.48
mlh1Δ msh5Δ 24 48 270.87
  • Tetrads displaying the tetratype class at both the URA3-LYS2 and the LYS2-HIS3 intervals were examined for chromatid interference. P-values derived from χ2 analysis indicate the probability that the number of tetrads with exchanges involving two, three, and four chromatids follows a 1:2:1 neutral distribution of double crossovers. P-values <0.05 indicate a deviation from neutrality.