Nucleotide changes among the eight haplotypes in the OsC1 gene observed within O. sativa

HaplotypeAllele (strain)PositionMutationaEffect on protein
SA1CB (T65, A58)918C → AReplacement (Pro → Gln) in third exon
SA2CBr (A56)744C → TReplacement (Ser → Phe) in R3
918C → AReplacement (Pro → Gln) in third exon
SA3CBs (I33), CBp (A38, A83), CBm (A136)
SA4CBt (A55, A108), CBr (A5)968–970ACG → GCAReplacement (Thr → Ala) in third exon
97334-bp deletionFrameshift in third exon
SA5C+ (734)7862-bp deletionFrameshift in R3
SA6C+ (IR36, 868, 108, PTB10)79610-bp deletionFrameshift in R3
SA8CBd (I47)122C → GReplacement (Pro → Arg) in R2
SA9CBk (I32), CBc (I45)122C → GReplacement (Pro → Arg) in R2
  • a Compared with the SA3 sequence, which is the same as that of Purpleputtu (Reddy et al. 1998).