Distribution of the integration sites of CACTA1 fixed in natural populations or induced in the laboratory in ddm1 or DDM1

 regionsaTransposon-rich regionsbTotal
Natural populationsc 11011
 ddm1d11 617
 DDM1e 91322
  To ddm1-derived
       regions 5 813
  To DDM1-derived
       regions 3 4 7
  Unclassified 1 1 2
  • a Insertion into regions without sequences annotated to be transposon, transposase, or reverse transcriptase related within 50-kb + 50-kb window.

  • b Insertion into regions other than those mentioned in footnote a.

  • c Miura et al. (2004).

  • d Miura et al. (2001).

  • e This work.

  • By chi-square test, the difference between natural populations and ddm1 is significant (P < 0.004). Although the difference between natural populations and DDM1 is not significant (P = 0.06), the difference is significant (P = 0.007) if 100-kb regions with only one sequence annotated to be transposon related are classified as gene rich rather than transposon rich.