The constitutive phenotype of rgr1 and sin4 is not dependent on either MAL-activator or maltose peamease

StrainRelative genotypeMal − HisGal − HisMaltase
CMY4000RGR1 SIN4 mal11Δ::MAL61 MAL13+ 46
CMY5004RGR1 SIN4 mal11Δ MAL13 27
CMY5003RGR1 SIN4 mal11Δ::MAL61 mal13Δ 21
CMY5001rgr1-31 SIN4 mal11Δ::MAL61 MAL13++254
CMY5007rgr1-31 SIN4 mal11Δ MAL13+280
CMY5005rgr1-31 SIN4 mal11Δ::MAL61 mal13Δ+285
CMY5002RGR1 sin4-33 mal11Δ::MAL61 MAL13++432
CMY5008RGR1 sin4-33 mal11Δ MAL13+326
CMY5006RGR1 sin4-33 mal11Δ::MAL61 mal13Δ+347
  • The MAL-activator gene (MAL13) or the maltose permease gene (mal11Δ::MAL61) was disrupted from CMY4000 (RGR1 SIN4 mal11Δ::MAL61 MAL13), CMY5001 (rgr1-31 SIN4 mal11Δ::MAL61 MAL13), and CMY5002 (RGR1 sin4-33 mal11Δ::MAL61 MAL13). The resulting strains were streaked for single colonies on minimal media lacking histidine with either 2% maltose or 2% galactose and growth was monitored for 3 days. Maltase activity was assayed in cells grown in minimal media with 2% galactose, 3% glycerol, and 2% lactate (SGalG/L) as described in materials and methods.