atx-2 promotes germline proliferation

GenotypeTemp (°)% proliferating
Wild type20, 25100aNA
atx-2(RNAi)20 9590–100119
atx-2(RNAi)25 9386–98186
   atx-2(RNAi)20 1611–25199
glp-1(bn18ts)20 >99bNA
  • a Austin and Kimble (1987).

  • b Qiao et al. (1995).

  • RNAi was done by feeding. Animals were raised on feeding plates and scored at ∼48 hr postadult molt. n, number of gonad arms examined; NA, not applicable; % proliferating germlines, the percentage of germlines containing a population of proliferating germ cells. The percentage listed is the average of three or more independent experiments. The range of percentage of proliferating germlines in the independent experiments is listed. Wild type and glp-1(bn18ts) were treated in parallel in each trial.