Complementation and recombination analysis of crr and crd strains

crr1-20/57 (17)bNDNDND
crd1-112/24 (6)NDNDND
crd1-580/200 (random spores)ND+
crd2-115c/83 (19)ND27/56 (16)ND
  • a The results of complementation tests are shown above the diagonal (top and right). A plus sign indicates that the vegetative diploids displayed wild-type growth and fluorescence induction kinetics on −Cu TAP medium, i.e., positive complementation, whereas a minus sign indicates that the diploids displayed mutant growth and photosynthesis phenotypes, i.e., negative complementation.

  • b The results of recombination tests are shown below the diagonal (bottom and left). The numerator refers to the number of recombinant progeny, while the denominator indicates the total progeny scored. The number in parentheses indicates the number of zygotes from which the spores originated.

  • c Only wild-type spores were scored as recombinants, since it was not possible to distinguish crd2-1crr1-1 double mutants from crr1-1 single mutants using growth and fluorescence analysis.

  • ND, not done.