Results of the test of association between the possession of a haplotype within the CAPN10 gene and a phenotype

BS 0′0.13590.93670.33460.02020.33080.7343
BS 120′0.16290.33110.74920.82960.70760.3930
BS 30′0.34460.01400.69590.91990.98230.2765
BS 60′0.58550.04060.36300.42070.64500.6953
IRI 0′0.84450.83330.67370.33400.49970.6336
IRI 120′0.52770.56980.28230.35050.95300.7354
IRI 30′0.84570.46980.50680.26560.87500.7758
IRI 60′0.85810.05890.31350.35480.85760.7383
  • a Each haplotype was assumed to be the phenotype-associated haplotype.

  • b One of the various quantitative phenotypes was selected for the test. The genotype data for 281 subjects were combined with the phenotype data and analyzed by QTLHAPLO to test the association between the possession of a haplotype and the quantitative phenotype. BMI, body mass index; BS, blood glucose level; IRI, immunoreactive insulin level; 0′, 30′, 60′, and 120′: 0, 30, 60, and 120 min, respectively.

  • c The results show P-values that exclude the null hypothesis that the quantitative phenotype is not associated with the haplotype. The underlined values indicate P-values <0.05.