Cells with complete SCs (class A) in Δspo11/Δndt80 and wild type grown under different physical conditions and sporulation frequency

 Water shaker34°:
 Water shaker30°
Water shakerDry shaker:
 Water shaker
StrainNormal cell
 concentrationNormal cell
 concentrationNormal cell
 concentrationNormal cell
 concentration5 × cell
 concentration1/5 × cell
% Δspo11Δndt80
   cells with SCs 21110 5 8 1 98–112
% wild-type cells
   with SCs10 72114 9 4100–138
   frequency in
   wild-type cells
   (%)70 37474 373124–165
  • Growth in sporulation medium, at different temperatures, shaking at 160 rpm in water bath or at 250 rpm in dry shaker, at normal cell concentration (see materials and methods), at 5 times higher cell concentration, or at 1/5 of normal cell concentration. Harvested after 5 hr in sporulation medium. The data are results from one experiment. N, number of cells counted.