Percentage of cells with different Zip1-staining patterns (classes A–E) after different periods of time in sporulation medium

Class AClass BClass CClass DClass

Strain    Hour:34583458345834588
spo11Δ 1 1 1 51425 9806847191517272843
spo11Δndt80Δ 71011234051586541281812121113
ndt80Δ10356617322724704629 31312 9 7
Wild type1723 8 8252421783835231420182622
  • Cells harvested after growth for different time spans in sporulation medium. Between 400 and 450 nuclei/category were recorded. A, wild-type SC pattern; B, SC-like structures; C, diffuse anti-Zip1 staining; D, anti-Zip1 negative nuclei; E, spores.