Summary of interference measured between intervals

cM (set I) 8.1 6.734.322.413.7
cM (set II) 50.721.421.0 8.610.241.522.718.1
kb107.34945 13.129.798.23527.8
ade5-KAN1, 2
KAN-lys51, 21, 211
lys5-NAT1, 21, 21, 2
NAT-HPH111, 21, 21
HPH-cyh211, 21, 21, 22
cyh2-crl3111, 21, 2
crl3-trp51, 21, 2
trp5-leu11, 21, 2
Reach L
   cM≥32.117.3 ≥60.736.027.928.446.4
Reach R
   cM 27.920.528.4≥18.1
 kb 78.297.550.5 85.464.066.6≥31.4
  • Numerals 1 and 2 refer to data sets I and II, respectively. When both tests for interference were significant (see materials and methods), the numeral is shown in italics. Row headings correspond to Table 3, A–J, whereas the column headings correspond to the entries in Table 3. (The entries for ade5-KAN from set I do not appear in Table 3.) Reach L and Reach R indicate the distances over which interference was detected, by one or both tests in set I, to the left and right in the table. Distances were measured from the middle of the test interval to the middle of the most remote interval in which the interference was detected by one or both tests. The sporadic examples of significant positive interference, separated from the intervals showing interference around the selected interval, in Table 3, were not more frequent than expected by statistical fluctuation and were not entered in this table. Similar examples of apparent negative interference in Table 3, of comparable frequency, are not entered in this table.