Group 4-specific genes and location on homoeologous chromosome group 4

Putative functionBlastXaAccession no.Chromosome locationb
40S ribosomal protein S3A2E-45 BE4253014AS4; 4BL5; 4DL9
50S ribosomal protein L15 (chloroplast)2E-53 BE5176644AS3; 4BL5; 4DL13 (2)
60S ribosomal protein L10A2E-24 BG2638984AL13; 4BS1; 4DS1
Actin 13E-95 BE4902814AL12; 4BS1; 4DS2
α-Amylase inhibitor, chain CM172E-70 BE4242084BL5; 4DL12
Arabinoxylan arabinofuranohydrolase AXAH-II3E-71 BF4733204AL; 4BS4; 4DS1
Ascorbate peroxidase2E-34 BE4976184AS4; C4BL1; 4DL9
Ascorbate peroxidase (stromal)4E-40 BE4971084AS3; C4BL1; 4DL9
Basic protein 1B, WBP1B7E-14 BE5177254AL12; 4BS4; 4DS1
Benzothiadiazole-induced protein9E-21 BE4034914BS1 (2); 4DS2; 4DS3
β-3-Glucanase1E-4 BF4287774AL13; 4BS8; 4DS3
β-Galactosidase4E-64 BE4267674AS4; 4BL1; C4D
β-Galactosidase BG17E-18 BF2014494AS3; 4BL1; 4DL12
β-Glucosidase aggregating factor2E-17 BE4458314BS1; 4DS2
C-4 sterol methyl oxidase1E-59 BE497184C4AL12; 4BS4; C4DS1
Catechol O-methyltransferase7E-31 BE4053504AL12; 4BS8; 4DS2
CAXIP1 protein2E-15 BE4260904AL13 (2)
Chlorophyll a/b-binding protein CP292E-56 BE4974464AL12; 4BS8; 4DS3
Cytochrome P450-11E-26 BM1384744AL12; 4BS8; 4DS3
Cytochrome P450-23E-29 BE4043344BL5
Cytochrome P450-36E-38 BM1366964AL5; 4BL5; 4DL12
Elongin1E-27 BE403789C4AL12 (2); 4BS4 (2); C4DS1 (2)
Endo-1,4-β-glucanase Cel14E-89 BE4986994AL12; 4BS1; 4DS2
F-actin capping protein β-subunit3E-59 BF145268C4AS1; C4BL1; C4DL9
Flocculin1E-4 BF2017174A; C4BL5; C4DL9
Fructose-6-phosphate 2-kinase2E-15 BF483393C4BL5; 4DL9
GDP dissociation inhibitor6E-77 BF4853964AS4 (2); C4BL1; 4DL9
Glucosyltransferase-like protein5E-45 BE4439734AS1; C4BL1; 4DL9
Glutathione reductase3E-91 BE4984054AS3; 4BL5 (2); 4DL12
H-β-58 homologue1E-85 BE444811C4A; C4BS4; C4DS1
Lipoxygenase1E-112 BE4426664AL13; 4BS8; 4DS3
Low-temperature/salt stress-induced protein7E-19 BE5184244AS4 (2); C4BS1; 4DL9
MAP kinase 12E-64 BE4460764AS4 (3); C4BL1 (2); 4DL9 (2)
Mitochondrial processing peptidase3E-85 BE4429954AS3 (2); 4BL5 (2); 4DL9 (2)
Myosin II heavy chain3E-46 BF4834054AS4; 4BL1; 4DL13
NADP-dependent oxidoreductase8E-24 BE4906854AL12 (3); 4BS8
O-Succinylhomoserine (thiol)-lyase6E-54 BF202969C4AL12; C4BS4; C4DL9
Oxygen-evolving complex 25.6-kD protein6E-37 BE4263174AS4; C4BL1; 4DL9 (2)
Peroxidase ATP13a3E-11 BE4977854AS3; 4BL5; 4DL12
Phosphoinositide kinase7E-51 BE500180C4AL12; C4BL1; C4DL9
Phosphomevalonate kinase4E-50 BE4945754AS3; C4BL1; 4DL9
Prenyltransferase4E-54 BE5911424AS4; C4BL1; 4DL9
Pseudo-response regulator 91E-15 BE4428114AS4; C4BL1; 4DL9
Putative neutral invertase9E-96 BE4432914AS1; C4BL1; 4DL9
Putative purple acid phosphatase1E-91 BE403881C4AL12; 4BL1; 4DL12
Ribonuclease2E-65 BE4262664AS4; 4BL1; 4DL9
Ribosomal protein S53E-9 BE4976354AL12; 4BS4; 4DS1
Ribulose-phosphate 3-epimerase (chloroplast)1E-62 BE4971604AS3; 4BL5; 4DL12
Ring-H2 finger protein5E-32 BE443211C4AL12; 4BL5 (2); C4DL9
RNA-binding protein3E-15 BE4065124AS1 (2); C4BS4; 4DL9
RNA-binding protein2E-19 BG3132034AS3; 4BL5; 4DL12
Serine palmitoyltransferase3E-53 BM1380754AS4; C4BL1; 4DL9
Serine threonine kinase1E-29 BF4286484AL12; 4BS4; 4DS3
SH3 domain-containing protein4E-22 BE4234554AS4; C4D
Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein U17E-8 BF4292644BS; 4DS2
S-Malonyltransferase8E-86 BE404963C4AL12; C4BL1 (3); 4DL9 (2)
Spliceosome-associated protein1E-28 BM1377304AS3; C4BL1; C4DL13
Sugar transporter6E-11 BF2011814AS3; 4BL5; 4DL13
Sulfolipid synthase2E-76 BG3131624AS4; C4BL1; 4DL9
Transcription factor X12E-12 BE4944784AS3; 4BL1; 4DL9
Transport inhibitor response 1 (TIR1)4E-45 BG6067394AS4; 4BL1; 4DL12
Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E22E-24 BE4431904AS1; C4BL1; 4DL9
Vacuolar targeting receptor bp-805E-83 BE4260164AS4; C4BL1; 4DL9
Zinc-finger protein C609104E-75 BF4788844AS1; C4BL1; 4DL9
  • a BlastX E-value of the hit with highest similarity to the EST.

  • b The chromosome, chromosome arm, or bin designation is given; if more than one locus maps to a location, the number of loci is given in parentheses following the location.