The highest-copy-number genes/gene families present in homoeologous group 4

Putative functionEST
 accession no.cDNA libraryCopy no.aChromosome locationb
Oxalate oxidase BE406676TA008E1X11 (13)C4AL12 (2); 4AL13; 4BS1 (2); 4DS2
   (6); C2AS5; 3BL2
Cytochrome P450s BF145360SC024E1X 34AL12; 4BS4; 4DS1
 BG314543TM043E1X 2 (12)4A (2)
 BM136696TA009XXX 34AL5; 4BL5; 4DL12
 BM138474TA009XXX 34AL12; 4BS8; 4DS3
2-Oxoglutarate/malate translocator BE403439TA008E1X10 (13)C4AL12; 4BS1 (3); 4DS2 (6); 3BL2
Glutathione S-transferases BE490186TA007E1X2 (7)4AL4 (2); 7AS1; 7DS4 (2)
 BE405625TA008E1X 5 (11)4BS1 (3); 4DS1 (2)
 BM138536TA009XXX1 (4)4AL4; 7AS1; 7DS4 (2)
Tubulin α-2 chain BE490658TA007E1X 5 (21)4AS1; 4AS3; 4AL13; 4BL5; 4DL13;
   3AL3; 3BL2; 3DL2
 BE496999TA015E1X4 (5)4AL12; 4BS1; 4DS2 (2)
ATP-dependent Clp proteases BE490177TA007E1X2 (3)4DL9 (2)
 BE490526TA007E1X2 (5)4AL5 (2); 7AS5 (2); 7DS5
 BE591521TA031E1X 34AS1; C4BL1; 4DL9
MAP kinase 1 BE446076TA008E3N 74AS4 (3); C4BL1 (2); 4DL9 (2)
Ascorbate peroxidases BE497108TA015E1X 34AS3; C4BL1; 4DL9;
 BE497618TA015E1X 34AS4; C4BL1; 4DL9;
Cell division cycle protein 48 BE444757TA008E3N6 (8)4AS3; 4BL5 (2); 4DL13 (3); 1AL1;
Elongin BE403789TA008E1X 6C4AL12 (2); 4BS4 (2); C4DS1 (2)
Heat-shock protein (class I) BE605229TA032E1X 6 (11)4AS4; C4BL1; 4DL9 (4); 3BS8; 3DS6
Mitochondrial processing peptidase BE442995TA008E3N 64AS3 (2); 4BL5 (2); 4DL9 (2)
S-Malonyltransferase BE404963TA008E1X 6C4AL12; 4DL9 (2); C4BL1 (3)
Other kinases53
Other peroxidases 8
  • a The number of EST loci mapped to homoeologous group 4 chromosomes for the given EST accession; the number in parentheses indicates the total number of loci generated by this EST, whether mapped or not.

  • b The chromosome, chromosome arm, or bin designation is given; if more than one locus maps to a location, the number of loci is given in parentheses following the location. Not all loci were mappable; thus the total number of loci in this column will not always equal the total from the previous column.