Morphological and biochemical genes located on group 3 chromosomes and their chromosome bin locations if known

Chromosome arm or bin name
Gene nameSymbolABDReference maps
ATPase1C-3BS1-0.33Boyko et al. (1999)
ATPase2C-3BL2-0.22Li et al. (1999),
   Nelson et al. (1995)
β-(1-3)-GlucanaseGlb33AL5-0.78-13BL7-0.63-13DL3-0.81-1Li et al. (2001), this study
b-ZIP class DNA binding proteinEmbp3DL-0.78-1Delaney et al. (1995),
   Koba and Tsunewaki (1978)
Chitinase-1Cht1a3AL-0.42-0.78Li et al. (1999)
Dihydroflavanol reductaseA13AL3-0.42-0.78C-3BL2-0.22C-3DL2-0.27This study
Esterase-1Est-13DS-0.39-0.55Boyko et al. (1999)
Esterase-5Est-53AL5-0.78-13BL7-0.63-13DL3-0.81-1Devos and Gale (1993),
   Boyko et al. (1999)
Glutamic oxaloacetic
   transaminaseGot-D33DL-0.31-0.50Boyko et al. (1999)
Heat-shock protein 17.3hsp17.3C-3AS2-0.23Boyko et al. (1999)
Hexokinase-1,2Hk3BS3DSLiu and Gale (1989)
Hybrid chlorosisCh23DLKoba and Tsunewaki (1978)
Malic enzymeMal-13DS-0.56-1Devos and Gale (1993)
NADH dehydrogenaseNdh3A3BL7-0.63-1.003DL2-0.27-0.81This study
Pairing homoeologousph23DSSears (1982),
   Dong et al. (2002)
PeroxidasePer-A33AL3BL3DSBosch et al. (1987)
Phenylalanine ammonia lyasePal3BS-0.57-1aLi et al. (1999)
Phosphodiesterase-1Pde3A3B3DWolf et al. (1977)
Powdery mildewPm133BS-0.87-1Boyko et al. (1999)
Proline rich proteinPrp3AL5-0.78-1Li et al. (1999)
Pseudo-black chaffPbc3BKuspira and Unrau (1958)
Reaction to Mayetiola destructorH243DL3-0.81-1Ma et al. (1993)
Reaction to Phaeosphaeria nodorumSnb13AMa and Hughes (1995)
Reaction to Puccinia graminisSr123BSheen and Snyder (1964)
Reaction to P. graminisSr23BS-0.78-1Hart et al. (1993)
Reaction to P. graminisSr243DL2-0.27-0.81Hart et al. (1993),
   Boyko et al. (1999)
Reaction to P. graminisSr273AS3BSMarais and Marais (1994)
Reaction to P. graminisSr353AL-0.78-1Hart et al. (1993)
Reaction to P. reconditaLr243DL-0.78-1Boyko et al. (1999)
Reaction to Puccinia reconditaLr273BS-0.78-1Nelson et al. (1997)
Reaction to P. reconditaLr323DS-0.87-1Autrique et al. (1995),
   Boyko et al. (1999)
Red kernel colorR13AL5-0.78-13BL7-0.63-13DL3-0.81-1Nelson et al. (1995)
Sphaerococcum factors1C-3AS2-0.023C-3BS1-0.33C-3DS3-0.24Salina et al. (2000)
Suppressor of gametocidal
   activityIgc1Tsujimoto and Tsunewaki
Triosphospate isomeraseTpi-A13AS3BS3DSPietro and Hart (1985)
Virescentv3BS-C-0.33Hart et al. (1993)
Vivpary 1vp13AL-0.42-0.63Bailey et al. (1999)
wsu(dor4)dor4C-3AS2-0.23Boyko et al. (1999)
  • a Encompasses more than one deletion bin.

  • For those genes that were mapped by linkage analysis, bin location was inferred from linked markers mapped on deletion lines.