Identification of the 10 mapping laboratories and their designators and examples of EST locus identifiers derived from the laboratory designator and a GenBank EST accession number

InvestigatorInstitutionDesignatorExample of locus identifiera
J. A. AndersonUniversity of MinnesotaUMNUMW134BE604741-4
J. DubcovskyUniversity of California, DavisUCWUCW169BE483747-1
J. DvořákUniversity of California, DavisUCDUCD141BE478737-1
B. S. GillKansas State UniversityKSUKSU002BE406357-1
K. S. GillbUniversity of Nebraska/Washington State UniversityUNLUNL002BF474204-1
J. P. GustafsonUSDA-ARS, University of MissouriUMCUMC015BE426301-4
S. F. KianianNorth Dakota State UniversityNDSNDS051BE606901-8
N. L. V. LapitanColorado State UniversityCSUCSU001BE426257-1
H. T. NguyencTexas Tech University/University of MissouriTTU/UMWTTU047BE405648-2
M. E. SorrellsCornell UniversityCNLCNL014BE591757-2
  • a The first three characters are the laboratory designator; the next three characters are the rearrayed plate number; the two letters and six numbers are the GenBank accession number of the EST used as probe; and the number after the dash is the number of the band detected in the autoradiograph, starting with the largest as number 1.

  • b Near the end of the project, K. S. Gill relocated from the University of Nebraska to Washington State University; however, his laboratory designator was not changed.

  • c Approximately midway through the project, H. T. Nguyen relocated from Texas Tech University to the University of Missouri and his laboratory designator changed accordingly.