Wheat EST project cDNA libraries with data on EST productivity and mapping

NameaTissue and conditionbNo. 5′
 ESTsNo. 3′
TA054XXXdAnther, meiotic, untreated9,139 0
TA038E1XCrown, seedling, salt stressed943286148
TA016E1XCrown, seedling, vernalized2,286703416
TA012XXXEmbryo, mature, ABA-treated (Brevor)2,107 3
TA049E1XEmbryo, mature, dormant (Brevor)2,927148 51
TA001E1XEndosperm, 5–30 DPA (Cheyenne)2,728 1,216382
TA001E1SEndosperm, 5–30 DPA, subtracted (Cheyenne)269 0
TA036E1XLeaf, mature, dehydrated641180 88
TA027E1XLeaf, mature, dehydrated (TAMW101)905136 60
TA031E1XLeaf, flag, at anthesis, heat stressed973341213
TA037E1XLeaf, seedling, sheath, salt stressed964248124
TA008E1XRoot, seedling, etiolated4,017453520
TA008E3NRoot, seedling, etiolated, normalized4,308 1,184764
TA065E1XRoot, seedling, salt stressed2,055 0
TA055E1XRoot, at full tillering, drought stressed1,310 0
TA058E1XRoot, at full tillering, unstressed1,025 0
TA047E1XRoot tip, seedling, unstressed959 75 16
TA056E1XRoot tip, seedling, aluminum stressed1,032 0
TA048E1XRoot tip, 4 days old, aluminum stressed (BH1146)991 55 8
TA059E1XSeed, whole grain at 3–44 DPA (Butte 86)3,649 0
TA005E1XSeedling, whole, dehydrated795 92 51
TA007E1XSeedling, whole, cold stressed938301161
TA015E1XSeedling, whole, heat stressed821291146
TA006E1XShoot, seedling, etiolated2,261264207
TA006E2NShoot, seedling, etiolated, normalized1,686174122
TA019E1XSpike, preanthesis11,194 3,0711,590
TA018E1XSpike, 5–15 DPA2,860709419
TA032E1XSpike, 5–20 DPA, heat stressed1,012309196
TA017E1XSpike, 20–45 DPA1,076177144
TA009XXXeSpike, mature, challenged with Fusarium graminearum (Sumai3)10,287 1,077361
TA006G1XfSpike, mature, challenged with F. graminearum (Sumai3)727 46
TA066E1XMixed tissue (root, leaf, crown, stem, sheath) at maturity, unstressed1,404 0
TM011XXXApex, shoot, vegetative (5-week; accession Dv92)3,031 11
TM043E1XApex, shoot, early reproductive, 7-week vernalized (accession Dv92)2,647930426
TM046E1XApex, shoot, 1-month vernalized (accession G3116)3,363 0
TT039E1XPlant, whole, mature (Langdon-16)1,194284157
SC010XXXRoot tip, seedling, aluminum stressed (Blanco)1,198 0
SC013XXXRoot tip, seedling, control (Blanco)778 0
SC024E1XAnther, mature, unstressed (Blanco)4,631 1,071468
AS040E1XAnther, premeiotic, untreated2,466804339
AS067E1XAnther, early premeiotic, untreated1,044 0
  • a The species source of the library is indicated by the first two letters of the name: TA, T. aestivum; TM, T. monococcum; TT, T. turgidum; SC, S. cereale; and AS, Ae. speltoides.

  • b All of the TA libraries are from the hexaploid wheat Chinese Spring genotype except where indicated otherwise in parentheses; RNA for both Ae. speltoides libraries came from F2 plants from the cross 2-12-4-8-1-1-1-(1) by PI 36909-12-811-(1).

  • c Coordinator-confirmed mapping data as of February 2, 2004.

  • d Library contributed by P. Langridge, University of Adelaide.

  • e Library contributed by G. Muehlbauer, University of Minnesota.

  • f Library contributed by J. Fellers, USDA-ARS, Kansas State University.