Comparison of the haplotype reconstruction results of the new methods and SIMWALK2 from the analysis of the 88-member pedigree

MethodλNo. of optimal configurations
 identifieda (true configuration
 included?)Size of
SIMWALK2  1 (No) 41:39:35
Conditional probability0.50  1 (No)1  0:00:01
Conditional enumeration0.965 64 (No)64  0:00:06
0.990 64 (No)128  0:00:06
0.995128 (Yes)256  0:00:07
0.997128 (Yes)69,632  0:27:45
  • a Each of the (approximately) optimal configuration(s) identified by any of the methods had the same likelihood as the true configuration. This likelihood is the estimated (approximately) highest likelihood over all configurations in SACHC. The true highest likelihood is unknown (exhaustive search not feasible).