The 3L QTL affects pigmentation response to b1 genotype in the F2 experiment

3L QTL genotypeb1/b1B1/b1B1/B1P-value
CC (a3/a3)2.79 ± 0.324.31 ± 0.254.95 ± 0.30<0.001
CB (a3/A3)1.76 ± 0.342.38 ± 0.213.53 ± 0.23<0.001
BB (A3/A3)1.41 ± 0.371.98 ± 0.272.08 ± 0.370.393
  • Chromosome 3L genotypes at markers flanking the QTL are listed with C for Chalco and B for Balsas teosinte alleles. Within each of the three genotypic classes for the 3L QTL, a one-way ANOVA of pigment intensity by b1 genotype was performed to see whether or not the background makes a difference. ANOVA means with standard errors are reported in trait units.