EP lines causing defects at early stages of spermatogenesis when forcibly expressed

nos-gal4 (germ cell driver)ptc-gal4 (somatic cyst cell driver)
EP lines causing a reduced number of early germ cells
EP(X)1457: CG14447EP(X)0325: CG1583
EP(2)0605: wunen2bEP(X)1547: BcDNA: LD22118
EP(3)0416: CG11520EP(2)0303: CG13211
EP(3)0610: LimpetEP(2)0639: CG630
EP(3)0667: bag-of-marblesa,bEP(2)2031: Glutathione S transferase S1
EP(3)0775: cortobEP(2)2182: l(2)06655
EP(3)0917: EST: RE29262EP(2)2198: mastermindb
EP(3)1230: CG3308EP(2)2363: spinster
EP(3)3204: hephestusa,bEP(2)2431: CG8704b
EP(3)3252: CG6783EP(2)2506: ABC transporter expressed in trachea
EP(3)3281: CG10164EP(2)2522: CG15161
EP(3)3629: lama ancestorEP(2)2622: bunchedb
EP(3)3662: CG6328EP(3)0569 (nearby locus not identified)
EP(3)3690: CG8121EP(3)0809: Neurexin
EP(3)0410: Gliolectin
EP(3)0500: Malic enzyme
EP(3)0648: SNF4/AMP activated protein kinase gamma subunit
EP(3)0659: Cysteine string protein
EP(3)0709: CG5376
EP(3)1230: CG3308
EP(3)3015 (nearby locus not identified)
EP(3)3091: Protein kinase 61C
EP(3)3187: Ubiquitin-specific protease 64Eb
EP(3)3252: CG6783
EP(3)3260: CG18005
EP(3)3269: CG10823
EP(3)3289: Ets at 97D
EP(3)3365: CG8833
EP(3)3367: CG12313
EP(3)3455: BcDNA:GH12663
EP(3)3582 (nearby locus not identified)
EP(3)3683: BcDNA:32148
EP(3)3740: CG1475
EP lines causing cell death at the end of mitotic amplification divisions
EP(3)3645a (nearby locus not identified)
EP(3)3652: gilgamesha
EP(3)3658: cyclin Ha
EP lines causing an increased number of early germ cells
EP(3)3519: tribblesa,bEP(3)0746: squida,b
EP(3)35191: tribblesa,bEP(X)1388c (nearby locus not identified)
EP(2)2232: decapentaplegica,b,c
EP(3)0581: dallyc
EP(2)2505: numbc
  • a Displayed defects in at least 50% of testes examined.

  • b A role in male or female gametes has previously been shown for this line.

  • c Appeared to cause an increase in the number of stem cells and/or gonialblasts. Nearest open reading frame based on sequence data (FlyBase Consortium 2003).