Mutational statistics from order method analyses for quasi-normal lines

Experiment 1Experiment 2Experiment 3
Standard order
 method statisticsRevised estimateStandard order
 method statisticsRevised estimateStandard order
 method statisticsRevised estimate
Control mean0.8860.8960.830
DM (×103)1.58 (−0.46/3.70)1.69 (−0.35/3.79)1.43 (0.52/2.32)1.63 (1.07/2.12)1.67 (0.35/2.99)2.16 (1.48/2.77)
DV (×104)4.83 (2.40/7.72)1.88 (1.14/2.59)2.59 (1.59/3.54)
u* (×102)0.40 (−0.34/2.02)0.51 (−0.31/2.22)1.00 (−0.05/2.43)1.31 (0.87/1.70)1.00 (−0.24/2.91)1.69 (1.20/2.11)
s*0.370 (−1.16/1.22)0.230 (−0.889/1.06)0.114 (0.058/0.273)0.108 (0.095/0.122)0.157 (0.045/0.397)0.113 (0.099/0.124)
  • The control means are genotypic values for the first set of assay generations for each experiment. The other statistics are based on normalizing the data with respect to the relevant control means. DM and DV are the estimates of the rates of decline in mean and increase in variance, respectively, weighting the values from each assay generation of an experiment by the inverses of their bootstrap variances. The means of the statistics over either 300 or 1000 bootstrap replicates, using the corrections for bias in the revised order method estimate of DM, are displayed. The values in parentheses are the corresponding bootstrap 95% confidence intervals. u* and s* are the estimates of u/(1 + C2) and Embedded Image, with corrections for bias. See text for further explanation.