Sporulation efficiency of msa1 null mutants

StrainSporulation efficiency (%)a
Wild-type and single mutants
HT101 (wild type)38.5 ± 6.7
HT124 (gpa1Δ diploid)0
HT125 (ras1Δ diploid)0.1
HT126 (byr2Δ diploid)0
HT127 (byr1Δ diploid)0
HT128 (spk1Δ diploid)0
HT129 (ste4Δ diploid)0
msa1-null mutants
HT102 (msa1Δ diploid)51.4 ± 7.2
HT108 (msa1Δ gpa1Δ diploid)0
HT105 (msa1Δ ras1Δ diploid)9.5 ± 5.2
HT104 (msa1Δ byr2Δ diploid)0
HT103 (msa1Δ byr1Δ diploid)0
HT106 (msa1Δ spk1Δ diploid)0
HT107 (msa1Δ ste4Δ diploid)0
  • a Average of at least three separate measurements.