Number of QTL (DS) detected in the experimental population PED (N = 976, E = 19/16), the proportion of the genotypic variance explained by QTL (%) in the data set (DS) and averaged over estimation sets (Embedded Image ) and test sets (Embedded Image ), as well as the bias (Embedded Image ) using fivefold standard cross-validation for two significance levels of QTL detection

LOD 2.5 and F-to-enter = 3.5LOD 3.21 and F-to-enter = 12.4
Parameter estimatedGrain yieldGrain moisturePlant heightGrain yieldGrain moisturePlant height
DS (no.)18323082321
DS 42.961.960.836.157.556.1
Embedded Image 42.859.958.135.255.751.0
Embedded Image 29.852.349.826.749.042.1