Meiotic DNA breakage and repair proteins identified in one yeast but not obviously recognizable in the other

Required for meiotic DNA
Identified in S. pombe
Identified in S. cerevisiae
 Rec107 (Mer2)YNA
 Sae2 (Com1)NY
  • a For a protein identified in one yeast, a BLASTp search revealed only proteins with very limited amino acid sequence identity (P > 0.01) in the other yeast.

  • b The indicated protein is required (Y) or is not required (N) for wild-type levels of meiotic DNA breakage or repair. For references see Davis and Smith (2001) and Roeder (1997).

  • c S. cerevisiae Mei4 protein is not a homolog of the S. pombe Mei4 protein.

  • d Breakage is reduced but not eliminated in these mutants.

  • NA, not applicable, because repair has not been assessed in the absence of normal breakage.