Yeast strains

StrainGenotypeReference or source
FY11MATa cdc1-1(Ts) his3 ura3 leu2 trp1 ade1Paidhungat and Garrett (1998b)
FY70FY11 CDC1Paidhungat and Garrett (1998b)
FY558FY11 vps20Δ::LEU2This study
FY560FY11 vps32Δ::LEU2This study
FY462FY11 vps36Δ::LEU2This study
FY460FY11 vps4Δ::UPA3This study
LEY79FY11 vps23Δ::KanMxThis study
LEY80FY11 vps24Δ::KanMxThis study
LEY89-1FY11 vps25Δ::KanMxThis study
LEY32-1FY11 vps27Δ::KanMxThis study
Y152MATa cdc1-1(Ts) his3 ura3 trp1 end3Δ::KanMxThis study
FY557FY70 vps20Δ::LEU2This study
FY559FY70 vps32Δ::LEU2This study
FY467FY70 vps4Δ::UPA3This study
LEY18FY70 vps18Δ::HIS3This study
Y235FY70 pep4Δ::HIS3This study
Y234FY70 vps24Δ::KanMxThis study
FY388MATa cdc1-2(Ts) his3 ura3 leu2 trp1 ade1Paidhungat and Garrett (1998b)
Y194FY388 vps32Δ::LEU2This study
Y251FY388 vps32Δ::LEU2 smf1Δ::UPA3This study
Y193FY388 vps20Δ::LEU2This study
Y250FY388 vps20Δ::LEU2 smf1Δ::URA3This study
Y287FY388 ccc1Δ::KanMxThis study
Y288FY388 ccc1Δ::KanMx smf1Δ::URA3This study
Y280FY388 bro1Δ::KanMxThis study
Y281FY388 bro1Δ::KanMx smf1Δ::URA3This study
Y271FY388 bsd2Δ::KanMxThis study
Y289FY388 bsd2Δ::KanMx smf1Δ::URA3This study
Y274FY388 doa4Δ::KanMxThis study
Y275FY388 doa4Δ::KanMx smf1Δ::URA3This study
Y282FY388 ubc4Δ::KanMxThis study
Y283FY388 ubc4Δ::KanMx smf1Δ::URA3This study
27038aMATa ura3 rsp5Medintz et al. (1998)
BY4742MATα his3Δ leu2Δ lys2Δ ura3ΔOpen Biosystems
14850BY4742 vps2Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
16211BY4742 vps20Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
12820BY4742 vps22Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
13416BY4742 vps23Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
14890BY4742 vps24Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
15588BY4742 vps4Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
12580BY4742 vps25Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
15387BY4742 vps27Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
12763BY4742 vps28Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
11580BY4742 vps32Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
15323BY4742 vps36Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
12730BY4742 vps37Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
16593BY4742 hse1Δ::KanMxOpen Biosystems
YR98 MATα his3 Δ 200 lys2 Δ 201 leu2-3,112 ura3-52 ade2 Liu and Culotta (1999b)
LEY92-2YR98 ubc4Δ::KanMxThis study
LEY91-2YR98 bsd2Δ::KanMxThis study
AJY259YR98 pep4Δ::HIS3 doa4Δ::KanMx trp1Δ::NAT1This study