Nucleotide polymorphism and divergence at Msn and Alas2

LocusLength (bp)Sample sizeSaπ (SD) (%)aθ (sd) (%)aTajima's DbFu and Li's DbFay and Wu's HbDivergence of Homo-Panc (%)Divergence of Homo-Pongoc (%)
Msn 45844190.035 (0.006)0.046 (0.020)–0.85–1.63*–2.05*0.922.25
Alas2 46974170.015 (0.004)0.035 (0.017)–1.42**–1.90**–0.650.552.66d
Msn-Alas2 928141160.025 (0.004)0.040 (0.015)–1.27*–2.17**–2.700.732.45d
  • * P < 0.10

  • ** P < 0.05.

  • a Polymorphism statistics are based on single-nucleotide polymorphisms only and do not include indels.

  • b Measures of the frequency distribution of segregating variation are based on both SNPs and indels; values based on SNPs alone are nearly identical and do not change significance levels for any of the tests.

  • c Divergence based on a randomly chosen allele from humans (YCC 49).

  • d Homo-Pongo divergence for Alas2 is based on 4439 bp.