Allele frequencies (numeric table to Figure 5)

Total no. of mutants232
    Not assigned to a complementation group58
    Assigned to a complementation group174
No. of complementation groups86
Average no. of alleles per group2.02
One allele47
Two alleles16
Three alleles8
Four alleles9
Five alleles4
Six alleles0
Seven alleles1
Eight alleles1

The average overall allele frequency (2.02 alleles per locus; 174 mutations falling into 86 complementation groups) was calculated by counting all mutants that were tested for allelism against various candidates. This number does not change significantly if we exclude the 10 X-linked complementation groups from the calculation and count only the autosomal complementation groups (2.05 alleles per locus; 156 mutants falling into 76 complementation groups).