Overview of the screen

Chromosome arm
No. of crosses started8,40014,80017,4008,60010,00059,200
No. of successful crosses (% of total no. of crosses)5,500 (65.5%)10,700 (72.3%)12,200 (70.1%)4,800 (55.8%)6,200 (62.0%)39,400 (66.6%)
GLC collected from F1 females (% of successful crosses)3,200 (58.2%)6,760 (63.2%)6,400 (52.5%)2,560 (53.3%)3,050 (49.2%)21,970 (55.8%)
No. of potential mutants isolated16019016990117726
Positive retest (% positive of lines isolated)92 (57.5%)111 (58.4%)52 (30.8%)21 (23.3%)77 (65.8%)353 (48.6%)
No. of lines described in this study49704656232

Numbers are given for each chromosome arm screen as a separate experiment. The number of successful crosses represents the fraction of initial crosses from which a sufficient number of eggs could be collected; percentage values in parentheses refer to the total number of crosses started for each chromosome arm. The percentage of F1 females from which we were able to collect GLCs was between 49 and 63% of the number of successful crosses, depending on the chromosome arm. Most females that did not produce GLC-derived eggs presumably carried a cell-lethal mutation (see discussion). A total of 353 (48.6%) of the 726 potential mutants isolated were found to show a distinct phenotype in the retest. A total of 232 of these 353 lines are described in this work.