List of chromosomes used for the screen

ArmMutagenized chromosomeGFP FRT chromosomeTester chromosomeBalancer chromosome
X w f B FRT9-2 hs-FLP122 y w GFP FRT9-2 FM7c, y, wa, sn, B FM7c, y, wa, sn, B
2L al dp b pr FRT40A y w hs-FLP122; 2x GFP FRT40A al dp Tft/CyO, dp, pr Cyo, [hs-hid], dp, pr
2R FRTG13 c px sp y w hs-FLP122; FRTG13 2x GFP Tft c px sp Cyo, [hs-hid], dp, pr
3L ru h th st FRT2A y w hs-FLP22; 2x GFP FRT2A ru h th st cu sr es ca TM3, e, Sb, Ser
3R FRT82B cu sr es ca y w hs-FLP22; FRT82B GFP ru th st cu sr es Pr ca TM3, e, Sb, Ser

Males carrying the tester chromosome were crossed to the F1 females to test for the presence of visible markers on the mutagenized chromosome in the next generation (see materials and methods for details). All marked chromosomes generated in this work have been made available through the Bloomington Stock Center (