Representative results of screens of the Zuker collection

Basis for screenNo. of lines screenedaRepresentative resultsReferences
Electroretinogram recordings7,504253 lines with abnormal electroretinogramsE. J. Koundakjian (unpublished results)
Male sterility/male chromosome loss11,5022,216 male-sterile lines; 62 chromosome 4 loss linesWakimoto et al. (2004, accompanying article)
Male sterility due to cytokinesis defects34 lines defective in cytokinesis; 19 complementation groupsM. Giansanti and R. Farkas (personal communication)
Mutagen sensitivity6,27578 lines mutagen sensitive; 33 complementation groupsLaurencon et al. (2004, accompanying article)
Meiotic chromosome nondisjunction in females3,733 Z222 lines with increased levels of X chromosome NDJ; ≥6 complementation groupsGiunta et al. (2002); Manheim and McKim (2003)
1,908 Z3105 lines with increased levels of X chromosome NDJS. McMahan and J. Sekelsky (personal communication)
Abnormal wing veins11,70620 lines with wing-vein defects; 11 complementation groupsK. Lunde and E. Bier (personal communication)
Mechanosensory deficient56917 lines with mechanosensory defectsT. Avidor-Reiss (personal communication)
  • a The lines screened are Z2 and Z3 lines as noted except for those of T. Avidor-Reiss who screened the PMM, pharate adult lethal collection.