Results of F3 screens for eye-specific mutations

LocusNo. of testsNo. of alleles recoveredReferences
arr1 20,800a3Dolph et al. (1993)
arr2 15,481a2Dolph et al. (1993)
trpl 1,0931Niemeyer et al. (1996)
Gcα1 20,137a5Gibbs et al. (2001)
4,4033Scott et al. (1995)
G β ?2Dolph et al. (1993)
inaD 6,190b5Tsunoda et al. (1997)
Ipp 4,3773Acharya et al. (1998)
  • a A mixture of F3 and F2 screens performed after the first allele was found.

  • b From the current screen.