Predicted and observed locations for seven markers on maize SC/chromosome 9

Centimorgan positionLocation of marker on SC
(micrometers from tip
of short arm)
MarkerSymbol in
Figure 2a
Adjusted for
RN mapb
Predicted from
RN map
Observed by ISHcDifference (μm) in
marker positions
(% of total SC length)
umc109115. (3.3)
bz1239.323. (1.4)
umc105aa54.732. (2.7)
wx1363.737. (0.1)
60.j16b96. (0.2)
csu145ac105.464.021.321.80.5 (2.0)
csu54b8150.492.725.524.70.8 (3.3)
  • a Core bin markers are indicated by numerals while other markers are indicated by letters.

  • b See materials and methods for calculation details.

  • c Calculated from ISH marker position as a percentage of arm length.