Yeast strains used in this study

StrainaRelevant genotypeSource
sl263210MATa dbp6::kanMX4 ade3::kanMX4 rsa3-1 [pRS414-dbp6-2] [pHT4467-HA-DBP6]This study
sl263210-6BMATα dbp6::kanMX4 rsa3-1 [pRS415-HA-DBP6]This study
sl264409MATα dbp6::kanMX4 ade3::kanMX4 nop8-101 [pRS414-dbp6-3] [pHT4467-HA-DBP6]This study
sl264409-42DMATα nop8-101This study
sl263309MATa dbp6::kanMX4 ade3::kanMX4 rpl3-101 [pRS414-dbp6-2] [pHT4467-HA-DBP6]This study
sl264205MATa dbp6::kanMX4 ade3::kanMX4 rpl3-102 [pRS414-dbp6-3] [pHT4467-HA-DBP6]This study
YMD3-1AMATα rsa3::HIS3MX6This study
YMD3-2AMATaThis study
YMD3-2DMATa rsa3::HIS3MX6This study
YDK8-1AMATα dbp6::kanMX4 [pRS416-DBP6]Kressler et al. (1998)
YDK8-2AMATa dbp6::kanMX4 [pRS416-DBP6]Kressler et al. (1998)
JDY139MATα dbp6::kanMX4 rsa3::HIS3MX6 [pRS415-protA-DBP6-T7] [pHAC33-RSA3]This study
MCD1-3BMATa dbp7::HIS3MX6 [YCplac33-DBP7]Daugeron and Linder (1998)
MCD1-7CMATα dbp7::HIS3MX6 [YCplac33-DBP7]Daugeron and Linder (1998)
MCD9H-2DMATα dbp9::HIS3MX6 [YCplac33-DBP9]Daugeron et al. (2001)
MCD9H-4CMATa dbp9::HIS3MX6 [YCplac33-DBP9]Daugeron et al. (2001)
MMY3-3BMATα qsr1-1Eisinger et al. (1997)
JDY318MATα rpl3::HIS3MX6 [YCplac33-RPL3]This study
JDY319MATa rpl3::HIS3MX6 [YCplac33-RPL3]This study
YDK44-1BMATa rsa1::kanMX4Kressler et al. (1999a)
YDK44-1CMATα rsa1::kanMX4Kressler et al. (1999a)
YDK37-1AMATa spb4::kanMX4 [YCplac111-spb4-1]Kressler et al. (1999a)
rrb1-TAPMATa ade2 arg4 leu2-3,112 trp1-289 ura3-52 RRB1-TAP::TRP1Schaper et al. (2001)
  • a All strains used in this study, except the rrb1-TAP strain, are derivatives of the diploid strain W303 (see materials and methods for its genotype).