Isogenic derivatives of S. cerevisiae strain CEN.PK2-1c

StrainDisruptionDisruption constructReference
apn1apn1::HIS3pSCP19A cut with EcoRI and BamHIRamotar et al. (1991)
apn1 rev3rev3::hisG in apn::HIS3 backgroundpYPG101 cut with KpnIMorrison et al. (1989)
apn2apn2::hisGpBLUE-ETH1 cut with SacII and XhoIBennett (1999)
lig4lig4::HIS3pGEMTScLig4 cut with PaeI and SalITeo and Jackson (1997)
mag1mag1::hisGScheller et al. (2000)
mgs1mgs1::HIS3MX6PCR basedWach et al. (1997)
mms2mms2::kanMX4Scheller et al. (2000)
mph1mph1::hisGScheller et al. (2000)
rad5rad5::kanMX4PCR basedWach et al. (1994)
rad5 rad52rad52::URA3 in rad5::kanMX4 backgroundpSM22 cut with BamHITorres-Ramos et al. (1996)
rad6rad6::kanMX4Scheller et al. (2000)
rad18rad18::HIS3MX6PCR basedWach et al. (1997)
rad26rad26::kanMX4PCR basedWach et al. (1994)
rad28rad28::kanMX4PCR basedWach et al. (1994)
rad51rad51::LEU2PCR using chromosomal DNAStrain for template DNA obtained from Ian Hickson
rad52rad52::kanMX4Scheller et al. (2000)
rad55rad55::LEU2pSTL11 cut with HindIIILovett and Mortimer (1987)
rev1rev1::hisG-URA-hisGpSF3 cut with XhoI and SalILarimer et al. (1989)
rev1 rad5See single mutantsMating and dissection
rev3rev3::kanMX4Scheller et al. (2000)
ubc13ubc13::HIS3MX6PCR basedWach et al. (1997)
yku70yku70::LEU2pGEM4Z-S-H-leu cut with SacI and HindIIIFeldmann and Winnacker (1993)
yku80yku80::kanMX4pHDF2 kan cut with BamHI and SalIFeldmann et al. (1996)
  • Double and triple mutants with mph1 were constructed using CEN.PK2-1c mph1 or the respective double mutant as transformation recipient instead of CEN.PK2-1c.