MLEs of the positions of two QTL, each bracketed by a different marker interval, QTL effects described by growth parameters (a, b, c), and phase probabilities for the QTL located within a marker interval on linkage group D16 in an interspecific hybrid population of Populus

PositionQTL genotype
Embedded Image Embedded Image Q1q1Q2q2Q1q1q2q2q1q1Q2q2q1q1q2q2
Marker interval Phase probabilityaTC/CTG-730–TC/CTG-735 0.95AG/CTT-570–AG/CTT-595 0.90
â 18.8022.4325.4917.56
ĉ 0.46070.47300.71130.4648
t I
  • a Linkage phase here is meant between the uppercase allele of the QTL and the dominant alleles of the flanking markers for both intervals.