Genetics, genomics, and biotechnology outreach programs

NationwideBiotechnology Institute
RegionalSEE Biotech: Social, Ethical, and Economic Impacts: Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota,
    South Dakota, Wisconsin
AlabamaCenter for Community Outreach Development, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Science Education Outreach, University of Alabama, Huntsville
ArizonaBIOTECH Project, University of Arizona
Biology Project, University of Arizona
ArkansasPartners in Health Sciences, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
CaliforniaBay Area Biotechnology Education Consortium
Science Achievement in Biology, San Diego State University
Science and Health Education Partnership, University of California, San Francisco
Biotechnology in the Classroom, Partnership for Plant Genomics Education,
    University of California, Davis
ColoradoBiological Sciences Initiative, University of Colorado, Boulder
ConnecticutConnecticut's BioBus
DelawareMolecular Biology Through Inquiry, University of Delaware
FloridaCenter for Precollegiate Education and Training, University of Florida
GeorgiaK–12 Outreach, Georgia Tech/Emory Center for the Engineering of Living Tissues
IowaOffice of Biotechnology, Iowa State University
KentuckyBiotechnology Research and Education Initiative, University of Kentucky
MarylandEducation Programs, MdBIO
Education and Training Department, The Institute for Genomic Research
MassachusettsCitylab, Boston University School of Medicine
MinnesotaSEE Biotech, University of Minnesota
MissouriScience Outreach, Washington University, St. Louis
NebraskaAg Biosafety Education Center, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
New YorkDolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
LIGASE: Long Island Group Advancing Science Education, SUNY Stonybrook
North CarolinaDESTINY Mobile Lab, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Fungal Genomics Laboratory, North Carolina State University
The Science House, North Carolina State University
OhioBiotechnology Education Initiative, Ohio State University
South CarolinaDivision of Genetic Education, Greenwood Genetic Center
TennesseeC-fern Project, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
TexasBioTech, University of Texas
UtahGenetic Science Learning Center, University of Utah
VirginiaFralin Biotechnology Center, Virginia Tech
WashingtonWashington State Genetics Outreach Education Programs
Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center Educational Opportunities
Washington, DCDNA Goes to School/El DNA va a la Escuela
Discovery Center for Cell and Molecular Biology, Catholic University of America
  • Outreach and partnership programs that specialize in precollege biology, genetics, or biotechnology education. The list is not intended to be comprehensive, but to highlight a number of existing efforts that could serve as resources for interested geneticists. Because such programs often receive state funding, most can provide services only to state residents. URLs can be found at