Song candidate genes

GeneAbbreviationaLocationbThis studycD. melanogaster song QTLc
period per MarkerNoNo
cacophony cac Between DS01391 and nonANoNo
no-on-or-off-transientA nonA MarkerNoNo
paralytic para Between nonA and f2NoNo
maleless mle Between cad and PgiYesNo
croaker cro Between Pgi and DgαYesNo
temperature-induced-paralytic-E tipE MarkerNoYes
transformer tra MarkerNoNo
Cysteine string protein Cys Between Cat and GldNoNo
doublesex dsx Between Gld and eNoNo
fruitless fru Between nos and glYesNo
slowpoke slo MarkerNoNo
  • a Abbreviations are also used to identify position in Figure 1.

  • b Some of the candidate genes were used as markers and are indicated as such. The flanking markers for the others are listed.

  • c The presence of each candidate gene within a QTL is noted for this study and also for a QTL analysis of D. melanogaster mean IPI (Gleason et al. 2002).