Pairwise epistatic interactions between TRDLs

FamilyTRDL markerLGMap position (cM)P (Fisher's exact test)Deficient genotypic combinationsaDeviation from expected count (%)
E. globulus AAA/CGA-1147m63.10.0007*gr-gr–30.0
E. grandis ACC/CCA-3551p57.50.0048gl-r–44.8
E. grandis ACC/CCA-3551p57.50.0332gl-gl–31.3
  • * Significant at an experimentwise significance threshold of α = 0.05 (P = 0.0024 and 0.0014 for the E. globulus and E. grandis backcross families, respectively).

  • a Two-locus genotype of the genotypic classes that contained fewer than expected individuals. The species origin of alleles at loci in the maps of the F1 hybrid is indicated by “gl” for E. globulus and “gr” for E. grandis. Alleles in the maps of the backcross parents are denoted “c” for markers in coupling and “r” for markers in repulsion to the band present class.