Summary of distorted map regions and posterior distribution of putative TRDLs detected by the Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo procedure

Map position (cM)Deviation from 1:1c (%)TRDL position (cM)TRDL effectd (%)
MapMarkeraLinkage groupP valuebTRDL no.MeanSTDMeanSTDRelative viabilityePosterior probabilityf
E. globulus backcross parentACA/CCT-3546g194.46.16 × 1005–15.1197.74.314.97.90.541.00
F1 hybrid maternalAAG/CTG-0481m84.36.05 × 1003+ 10.5189.92.2–
F1 hybrid maternalACA/CCA-1642m15.42.97 × 1004–13.6214.22.412.18.50.610.67
F1 hybrid maternalATC/CCA-1986m91.46.04 × 1016–30.6391.21.428.
F1 hybrid maternalAAA/CGA-1147m63.14.68 × 1003–11.1573.32.7–
F1 hybrid maternalAAC/CCC-3978m73.26.35 × 1003–10.3636.15.6–
F1 hybrid maternalACG/CCA-27111m78.06.17 × 1005–24.2775.64.314.35.90.560.89
F1 hybrid paternalACC/CCA-3551p57.52.10 × 1004–14.9158.96.1–
F1 hybrid paternalAAG/CGG-1652p0.02.98 × 1004–14.9229.25.1–
F1 hybrid paternalAAG/CCT-4303p32.31.54 × 1003+ 13.2370.816.2–
F1 hybrid paternalACC/CCA-2985p103.81.10 × 1004–15.6494.
F1 hybrid paternalAAA/CCG-2796p113.13.65 × 1028+44.2549.37.4–
F1 hybrid paternalACA/CCA-0878p19.12.60 × 1005+ 17.3817.26.413.26.00.580.84
F1 hybrid paternalACT/CCA-2749p91.53.14 × 1005+ 16.7991.55.315.05.80.540.85
E. grandis backcross parentACA/CCA-1293gr34.11.70 × 1009+ 24.2134.34.920.59.20.421.00
E. grandis backcross parentATC/CCA-07710gr0.06.62 × 1006+ 18.527.75.318.96.90.451.00
E. grandis backcross parentACT/CCA-29411gr105.04.70 × 103+ 11.4
  • a The most distorted marker in each distorted map region. Only map regions with two or more distorted markers at α = 0.01 are listed. Marker names indicate the (+ 3/ + 3) selective nucleotides of the EcoRI/MseI primer combination and the size in base pairs of the AFLP fragment.

  • b P value of the calculated χ2 statistic based on an expected transmission ratio of 1:1.

  • c Percentage of deviation from 1:1 ratio relative to the band present class of the testcross marker.

  • d The direction of TRDL effects in the backcross parents is arbitrary from one linkage group to the next. In the F1 hybrid maps, all TRDL effects are relative to the E. globulus linkage phase.

  • e Ratio of the frequency of the less frequent TRDL allele to the more frequent TRDL allele.

  • f Posterior probability of a TRDL in the distorted map region, calculated as the frequency of TRDL detection in the distorted map region in 350 recorded iterations of the MCMC procedure.