Observed proportions of testcross AFLP loci with distorted genotypic ratios

0.05 levela0.002 levela
Backcross familyNo.%No.%
E. globulus backcross
    Total no. of testcross AFLPs704100
        No. distorted in the maternal map of the F1 hybrid140/45730.676/45710.8
        No. distorted in the E. globulus backcross parent51/24720.615/2472.1
E. grandis backcross
    Total no. of testcross AFLPs650100
        No. distorted in the paternal map of the F1 hybrid104/36528.537/3655.7
        No. distorted in the E. grandis backcross parent88/28530.946/2857.1
  • a Level of significance (α) used to evaluate the departure from an expected 1:1 allelic transmission ratio of testcross markers.